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Our Mission

More and more people are looking for an opportunity to eat without compromises and turn to the makers of that food with absolute trust. We pledge to fulfil their aspiration.

Our goal is to share delicious, balanced, and purely plant-based cuisine, featuring the freshest ingredients.

For the Body and Soul

Our passion is to create outstanding food that nourishes the body as well as the soul. Our meals are made of carefully selected and responsibly sourced ingredients.

For Everyone to Love

We recommend our delicacies not only to vegans and vegetarians, but also the curious, those who want to enjoy the taste of home-style vegan delicacies or the varied taste of different national cuisines.

Debrecen’s Finest

With our eco-friendly venue, offering vegan dining and lifestyle, we believe we are actively contributing to Debrecen’s changing, diverse world.

From 12:00 PM 

A’la Carte Menu


Ramen soup / 3.090 

A hearty, tasty, hot immune-boosting ramen soup is medicine for the body and soul. We make it with specialties like fermented tofu and vegan eggs!
(allergen: soy)

Spring falafel bowl / 3.790

That is a falafel bowl reimagined. Homemade falafel balls with hummus, brown rice, steamed peas, salad with baby spinach, purple cabbage, carrots, and microgreens.

Spring rolls with peanut and hoisin sauce / 3.490

It’s a really good choice even for those who might not be reconciled with the oriental taste world. These crunchy vegetables wrapped in soft rice sheets are served with peanut sauce and delicious hoisin sauce.
(allergen: soy, peanut)

Cauliflower steak with dill and mint sauce, mixed salad, roasted almond and brown rice / 3.990

We show how a steak is made in the vegan kitchen. Thick slices of cauliflower roasted, with a sensational pairing of dill and mint. This is assisted by brown rice and a tasty mixed salad. 🙂
(allergen: almond, mustard)

Superfood salad with raspberry vinaigrette, quinoa and red lentil , hemp seed / 3.790

If this were the only food on the menu, you would still be guaranteed to get all the necessary nutrients into your body. And red lentils, quinoa, and raspberries ensure such an experience that you really don’t want to eat anything else.
(allergen: mustard, cashew)

White wine and mustard mushroom ragout with fermented tofu, red lentil pancake and mixed salad / 3.790

The best of! … Seriously. We make a thick pancake from red lentil flour, half of which is served with a fabulous mushroom ragu and tofu fermented for 2 weeks, and the other half with a tasty mixed salad.
(allergen: soy, mustard)

Vegchicken plate with french fries and mayo
Or with Coleslaw / 3.590

Crunchy breaded roasted tofu with fries and homemade vegan mayonnaise
OR with Coleslaw.

(allergen: soy)


Homemade aubergine cream / 2.190 

Homemade aubergine cream, salad, fresh vegetables, pita, olives.
(allergen: gluten-pita, soy)
(*available in gluten-free version)

Baked vegetable tacos with pineapple salsa / 2.290

Fresh roasted vegetables in taco shells and a little crazy slightly spicy pineapple salsa



The name obliges! Fried eggplant, fried mushroom head and homemade burger sauce, vegetables.
gluten, soy)


No name! Quinoa, red lentils, pumpkin seeds in the burger patty with a unique soft sweet sauce. It’s just so sweet, just so soft that after the first bite you won’t even know its name. 🙂
(allergens: gluten, soy)

All burgers can be choosen with gluten free bread. / 550 Ft

Hand in hand with Burger



COLESLAW / 1.250

Salad made from cabbage, apple, carrot and purple onion with home made coleslaw dressing
(allergen: soy) 


Classic marinated beetroot with garlic flavour.
(*contains cane sugar)

Mixed salad / 750.-/ 2.150

Arugula (garden rocket), lamb’s lettuce (corn salad), baby spinach, tomato, olive, olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

PITA bread (1 piece) / 650

(allergen: gluten)


Ketchup, mayo, wasabi mayo, rosemary mayo, ‘cheese’ cream, garlic mayo


Daily dessert  

Freshly baked desserts everyday with glutenfree option. 

From 11:30 am till 14:30 pm on weekdays 

Lunch Menu

(with a daily changing dessert selection, including gluten-free options)

30 May / Tuesday


Lebbencs soup / 1.090


Green pea cream spaghetti with vegan parmesan / 1.890
(allergen: gluten)


Raw and/or sugarfree desserts

Potato scone / 290
(allergen: gluten)

31 May / Wednesday


French onion soup / 1.090


Thai curry with peanut butter and jasmine rice / 1.890
(allergen: gluten)


Raw and/or sugarfree desserts

Potato scone / 290
(allergen: gluten)

1 June / Thursday


Spinach red lentil soup / 1.090


Bulgur salad with cauliflower and lemon dressing / 1.890
(allergen: gluten)


Raw and/or sugarfree desserts

Potato scone / 290
(allergen: gluten)

2 June / Friday


Sour potato soup / 1.090


Roasted carrot with spinach mashed potatoes and vegan sour cream / 1.890


Raw and/or sugarfree desserts

Potato scone / 290
(allergen: gluten)


Rólunk mondják …

Csak így tovább, Kis Padlizsán!

Ez a kis hangulatos bisztró tuti a vegán mennyországból pottyant Debrecenbe 😃


“Nagyon barátságos”

Az ételek egészségesek és finomak, amikbe szívüket-lelküket beleteszik. Nyitás óta állandó kiváló minőség.


Szuper hely

“Nyugodt kornyezet, hihetetlenul kedves kiszolgalas es borzasztoan fincsi etelek.”



“Kedvenc helyem lett Debrecenben 🥰 Mindig változatos, ízletes menüvel és kifogástalan személyzettel! Nem tudnak hibázni!!!



Address and Opening hours

Kis Padlizsán Vegán Bisztró

4025 Debrecen, Simonffy utca 1/C


Tuesday - Friday: 11:30-21:00
Saturday: 12:00-21:00

Mobil: +36 30 717 4394


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